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“Knowledgeable, Experienced, Quality Service is not Expensive….it’s PRICELESS!”

Fall/Winter Hours:
Monday-Friday 1:00pm-8:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm-5:00pm

We put the PRO in Professional and the CUSTOM in CustomerTM
Aleta by Kent Aleta Sill is bowling’s first lady $1,000,000 bowler!

  • The only woman to win Bowling’s Triple Crown….TWICE!!!
  • 20 years Touring Professional Bowling experience
  • 31 Pro Championships
  • Member of City, Local, State, National, PWBA and Polish American Sports Halls of Fame
  • Detroit Dream Team Legendary Athlete (with Gordie Howe & Joe Louis)
  • 28 Years Professional Coaching Experience (All ages and skill levels)
  • 33 300 Games
  • 9 800 Series
  • Has access to the best resources in the industry!
We put the PRO in Professional and the CUSTOM in CustomerTM
Todd_Radical_Staff copyTodd Kurowski has 24 years ball drilling experience.

  • Past member of the AMF, Columbia & Track Regional Player Staff
  • Currently on the RADICAL Bowling Staff
  • Drilled Aleta and Michelle’s equipment when they were on tour before opening their own shop
  • 16 300 Games
  • 9 800 Series
We put the PRO in Professional and the CUSTOM in CustomerTM

If we have to FIX it, you didn’t BUY it from the right place!

Buying the wrong ball for your game is an expensive mistake to make!

Spare the frustration, inconvenience and extra cost to bowl better again!


We pick out the RIGHT BALL, custom FIT your hand and drill it to ROLL THE BEST way for your game!
We are proud to provide YOU with the best quality & experience to take YOUR game to the next level!

So many times we wish we had the opportunity to drill a bowler’s ball the first time…we are fixing so many equipment problems. Problems that have not only led to worse bowling and frustration, but THEN cost more money to fix! ~Your Bowling Coach

The Pro Shop with true Professionals!

“Experience the Professional Difference”

Aleta Sill’s Bowling World carries a whole wall and a half of bowling balls, full stock of bowling shoes, over 50 bags and a full wall of wrist guards and accessories from ALL manufacturers! We are your 1-stop shop for all your bowling needs in MI!

Ball Bag Shoe Special

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The Aleta Sill’s Bowling World Difference

Aleta Sill

If we don’t have what you, are looking for in stock, we can order it and often receive it within ONE day. Whether you are a beginner, league bowler or an advanced player, we can help you bowl better!
As professionals, you can rely on our knowledge and years of experience to meet your bowling needs.
Selecting the right ball and how to drill it for you is very important. So often, what a bowler thinks they need is not actually what they need.

 Watch You Bowl  Axis Point Ball Fitting
 We Watch You Bowl!  We get YOUR Axis point for precision layout for YOUR release! We provide the BEST ball fit, for better performance and comfort! “A great fit is worth GOLD!”
 Fit Ball Grip Inventory  Drill Presses
 We use “State-of-the-Art” Ball Fitting equipment! We stock every color and size of grips (including lady sizes) for the perfect fit for YOU! We have 2 drill presses to meet your needs quicker!
What you can expect at Aleta Sill’s Bowling World, where we:
Selection ASBW Competitor Internet
Consult with you on your bowling needs YES ?
Watch you bowl YES ?
Get the axis point of your release to custom drill the ball for your game YES ?
Service ASBW Competitor Internet
Pick the specific ball for you – even order if necessary YES ?
Offer same day or next day availability YES ?
Custom fit your hand with “state of the art” ball fitter YES ?
Precision drill YES ?
Offer a FREE game to try new ball YES ?
Offer ball drilling and ball maintenance packages to save you 48-62%! YES ?
Provide coaching for bowlers of all age/skill levels YES ?
Product Handling ASBW Competitor Internet
Return and drill your new ball FREE (on manufacturer warranty defective ball) YES ?

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