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Rodney Urbaniak

``I scheduled a lesson with Michelle Mullen early July. I've been away from bowling for 13 years and really needed some work. I was 190 average bowler back then, but after a few months of struggling, I decided to find a good coach. Of course I did a google search and up popped YourBowlingCoach. I didn't even realize that I had Michelle Mullen and Aleta Sill right near me, so that was exciting to know! On my lesson, Michelle identified some of my flaws right away, and we got to work on them. She showed me a few shots of me bowling and how i was going behind my back with the swing, so we worked on some drills to get me to swing it straighter. As well as my foot work and release. The 45 minutes flew by, and it was a blast. I heard thousands of times how a free and easy swing is the way to do it. But, until this lesson I never felt what a free and easy swing is like Now I do! I still have a lot of work to do, but she got me to understand what I needed to do, that's what I was looking for! Besides being a USBC Gold Coach, she's really nice as well. Based on just this, I'd recommend her. BUT WAIT!!! THERE'S MORE!! 1 week after my lesson, I shot my first 300 game!! No kidding! My third game I was locked in, I just had to deliver a free and easy swing and the ball was in the pocket! I can't thank you enough!!``

Laura Schneider

``I just wanted to leave a note to say thank you to Michelle and Aleta and to talk a little about the bowling camp that my daughter, Bethany, attended this past week with them. I was privileged to be able to sit and watch while the camp took place. Both Michelle and Aleta were hands on and attended to all aspects of the game for my daughter. They worked with her on everything from her form with each shot, to how to shoot spares, to how to use tape, to knowing the breaking point on different oil patterns, and getting her balls fitted properly. I am completely impressed with the professional knowledge of both of these women. Not only are they legends in the bowling profession, but they are amazing coaches. Most importantly, I am impressed with the amount of time they spent with my daughter. They were very personable and caring and they truly worked with her and got to know her. Being a teacher myself, I know how hard it can be to give individual instruction to students when you have a limited amount of time, especially when they are all at different skill levels. Michelle and Aleta did a fantastic job of differentiating their coaching to meet the needs of all that attended and they made my daughter more confident in her abilities as a bowler. Thank you again Michelle and Aleta. You two are truly a class act!``

Laura Martin - Dayton, OH

I have lots to work on, but you did a great job breaking it down and giving me the tools to know when I am ``on`` and when I am ``off``, even when working on my own. I have had a lot of instruction in a variety of venues over my lifetime, and being able to create a degree of independence is a rare and valuable skill in an instructor. I researched your teaching style through your articles, USBC videos, book, etc. and became interested in working with you due to your ability to explain and teach things both as the ``big picture`` or end objective and by breaking it down into the smaller learning increments. Personally, I have to have both to learn well. If I can't see where I am headed in the long run, I have a hard time following directions on the way there. 🙂 That alone is a rare enough skill; Your ability to create autonomy so quickly and easily is a valuable added bonus!! Chad and I bowled together yesterday and both marveled at our improvement in the very short time working with you earlier in the week and in our ability to know what to work on independently. We were both able to completely replicate the progress we made with you on Tuesday because you gave us such simple ``targets`` to aim for and to evaluate our own (and each other's) behavior and progress by. We were each able to know immediately when we ``got it`` or why we were off if we didn't. It felt amazing!!!!! You are a truly gifted instructor and I feel very fortunate to have found you. Thank you again!!!

Jim Steffen

I am so glad you offered the four week class through USBC. I don’t think I would have discovered that you were out there otherwise. This was just what I needed to put some enthusiasm back into my game. My average has been pretty much at 180 for the past couple years without many pop-up scores. I have put in some work and practice based on the lessons and have seen improvement in my consistency already. My weekly league scores these past four weeks were as follows: 531, 708, 601, and a 692 clean series last night. I have more work to do but definitely making progress toward better bowling.

Tony Foster

I ended my 2015-2016 fall season with a 197 average. Through the first month of the 2016-2017 I was struggling to maintain a 182 average. I decided to take a lesson from Aleta Sill. I worked with Aleta for 45 minutes. The changes she made in my approach and delivery of the ball were significant but not overwhelming. What was most valuable was watching my old swing on video vs. my new swing AND comparing it to a Professional. She also noticed that all 3 of my bowling balls were not drilled properly. I had her re-drill all of my bowling balls and I also purchased the new Storm Code Black. Since my lesson I have shot 630, 646 and 636 in my fall league. My average has increased from 182 to 195 in just 3 weeks. The lesson I took from her was the best investment in my game I have ever made.

Ronald Cox

About six months ago my wife signed us up for a bowling league with friends of ours and though I had not thrown a bowling ball in twenty years I was excited to get back on the lanes. This time however I was determined to bowl better than in the past. The last time I bowled I was in my twenties and my average was no more than 140. I was never taught how to properly throw a bowling ball and just did the best I could do at the time. I always felt I was better than a 140 average bowler but became frustrated with my game and eventually quit. When I began the league with my wife six months ago I vowed that this time things would be different and I would take the steps needed to reach my potential as a bowler. That started with taking my first bowling lesson with Aleta Sills at Aleta Sills Bowling World. After my first lesson I knew that my bowling game was sure to improve. My first lesson not only covered the fundamentals of throwing a ball but Aleta checked my ball for proper fit. Before leaving my lesson I purchased Michelle Mullen’s books “Bowling Fundamentals” and “How to Pick Up Spares” which I made sure I read before my second lesson. Michelle’s books started me on a path of reexamining every part of my game from how I would stand, how to grip the ball, what type of ball to use, how to line up my shots, whether to use wrist supports, improving my mental game and the most important was the introduction to bowlers tape. Before going into my second lesson I was prepared for some much needed changes to take my game to the next level. During my second lesson Aleta continued to work on my swing and release but also created a plan to redrilled my ball for a much better fit and set me up with a ball for shooting my spares. After only two lessons and reading a couple books my game changed drastically. Before this experience I had a 135 average now I am averaging about 165 and I am getting better each week. Before my last league game I read Michelle’s article in “Bowlers Journal” about the proper use of bowlers tape and it helped me to get the proper fit in my thumb hole for a relaxed and consistent swing. I can't say enough about how much Aleta and Michelle have changed my bowling experience. My game is improving with each passing week, my confidence is building with each game I bowl and my desire to bowl is growing daily. If you are serious about changing your game I would highly recommend Aleta Sills Bowling World and Michelle Mullen's books. It's a game changer.

William Toll IV

I have been to several bowling coaches during the past 25 years to work on my bowling problems, and Your Bowling Coach is the Best around for finding out the actually problems you have in your approach. Not one coach until I seen Michelle and Aleta, ever showed me that I had early timing, drop the ball too quickly after my first step, or explained to me about the incorrect drilling span I had that actually cause my to tighten up my arm swing.

Sandy Davidson

I just love these gals, they help my wife and i get new balls that fit us right, and hopefully we can play better. We are from Hamilton ontario Canada and will only deal with this business for now on for our bowling needs. I can’t wait to brag to all my canadian bowling friend about the great customer service and knowledge this institution has brought to my life of bowling…..LET THE GAMES BEGIN, TAKE NO PRISONERS. Sandy Davidson

Rick Vandecar

Thanks again for the lesson. I’ve bowled twice since and the new timing definitely takes some getting used to. However, I had 17 in a row Thursday and 15 in a row Sunday and was repeating shots well. It came and went a little but I think that’s to be expected. Anyway, I feel like I have a key again by focusing on my push away. The rest seems to take care of itself. I read your book as well and it reinforced some of the things we talked about. The book is great reading for all skill levels. Thanks for your help. One lesson really helped clear some things up for me. I appreciate how quickly you were able to identify my major problem and communicate it to me on my level. You’re awesome. I hope you have this type of success with all of your students.

Pete Galda

Aleta~ After suffering thru several miserable bowling seasons in a row, I signed up for a lesson with you this past summer at Country Lanes. I couldn’t have made a better move. Your coaching and knowledge about the right bowling ball, and how to fit it properly, made an immediate impact. After watching me throw several balls you analyzed the weight and the fit of my ball. You convinced me that with a lighter ball and a total grip change I would see improvement. The ball we selected, and your recommendation of a finger tip grip, was dead on. After another couple lessons, and practice sessions on my own with the new ball, I knew you were the right bowling coach. We recently started our new season and my average has gone from around 152 to 182. I recently shot the highest game of my life, 274, and my first 600 series. I finished the first game with 5 strikes in a row and started the second with 8 strikes in a row for a total of 13 in a row. I have been bowling for 50 years and have never felt so confident standing on the approach. Thanks Aleta. You can bet that I recommend Aleta Sill’s Bowling World to my friends for equipment and lessons.

Natalie Miskiel

Awesome ladies to work with… I started with them 13 years ago. I knew when I met them and worked with them I knew I found a coach and a friend for life! They have helped my bowling game so much I do not think I would be the bowler I am today with these lovely ladies!!

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