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“Michelle Mullen’s passion for bowling shines in the second edition of Bowling Fundamentals! Regardless of your skill level, this great book provides the technique instruction and motivational tips so you can learn and enjoy the game.” - Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson - 2017 PBA Chameleon Champions; 6-time U.S Open Champion; 3-time PWBA Player of the Year


mini eBook: How to Pick Up Spares, available online for only $4.95!


“A must-have handbook for all bowlers and coaches alike!”

With almost three decades of experience that includes multiple PWBA titles and collegiate championships, USBC Gold Coach and former Team USA Coach, Michelle Mullen shares the secrets that have made her one of the world’s most highly sought-after instructors for bowlers of all ages and skill levels. Covering the latest equipment and the essentials of execution—footwork, arm swing, timing, finish position, and release—Mullen leaves no skill uncovered, including insight on making changes and specific instruction for left-handed bowlers. You’ll find tactical tips for picking up the game’s most common spares (in both a traditional and advanced spare-shooting system), advice for keeping emotions and focus in check, and basic and advanced lane-play strategies to conquer both the typical house shot and sport/challenge patterns. Complete with anecdotes of her pro career and detailed instructions, photos and illustrations for both right-handed and LEFT-HANDED bowlers.

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How to Pick Up Spares breaks down 51 pin combinations and spare-shot setups for both right-handed and left-handed bowlers. It explains how to set up for the shot using a hook ball, aiming for the strike target, or using a plastic spare ball, which will give the bowler a straight shot. Each example is fully illustrated showing where the feet are set up on the lane and the path of the hook or straight ball. The original content in this mini e-book will help you pick up more spares!

``My name is Jeff, I live in Plymouth, Michigan and I am 73 years old. After reading this book, I came to the conclusion that this book is the greatest book on bowling that I have ever read, and I've read a lot of them! I have been using the book, as an instructional guide, for three years and it has helped me change many things for the ``good``. This book focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of the game, which makes it the most comprehensive book on the techniques of bowling.`` Jeff Garver

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Check out what TEAM USA & readers have to say:

“In the second edition of Bowling Fundamentals, Michelle combines her vast knowledge of the game and almost three decades of experience as a world-class player and premier coach to help bowlers of all ages and levels advance their skills and techniques.”

– Rod Ross U.S. Team Head Coach Director of International Training Center

“Michelle’s first book was basic bowling fundamentals, but this edition of Bowling Fundamentals is for everyone from the novice to the advanced bowler who want to understand the game better and play it at the next level. I have over 30 books, videos and DVDs, and have had at least 100 lessons around the country, Bowling Fundamentals, 2nd edition is the best book on bowling that I have read. Each time I read it, I pick up more information and improve my skills. Every bowler should have it so they can become the best bowler that they can be.”

-Rick Gilmer (ave. 200)

“I am really excited about my new book! It is an excellent handbook to help bowlers of ALL skill levels. I see so many experienced bowlers on a daily basis not understand what they should to take their games to the next level. Too many bowlers and coaches get overwhelmed at what they think they cannot understand. Simply written but thorough and expansive in content, I breakdown what you need to know in an understandable way to make it easy way to apply in today’s game. I share anecdotes from my pro career and invaluable insight into the psychology involved in making changes to improve your game.”

– Michelle Mullen (visit Amazon AuthorCentral for fun bio and reviews)

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