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      Official B4AR Registration & Pledge Drive Goes LIVE May 1st! Bowling event is August 13, 2016

Join us for a night of fun at THE FUR BALL on  June 4th at the Hyatt Place Detroit/Novi!


Bowl-4-Animal Rescue is a 4 month pledge-driven event that culminates in a huge bowling/auction/raffle event to support homeless animals in need in our community. And you do not have to bowl to participate in the pledge drive or attend the bowling event!  Animals in need do not care if you bowl or not, so this event is for everyone!

  • Saturday, August 13, 2016, 7-10:30pm
  • Registrations & Pledge Drive begins May 1st!
  • 3 games of “9-pin no tape” bowling, shoe rental, food
  • Features Awesome Auctions, Music, RED ROBIN food, Cash bar
  • You can win some amazing prizes for raising pledges!
  • You do not have to bowl to participate
  • 100% of Proceeds helps animals in need!


We host this event because WE ARE PASSIONATE about helping animals in need and strive to be a VOICE for them. The homeless animal problem in Michigan continues to be an epidemic; we want to continue to do everything we can to alleviate the problem to help the many animals who need us.

We think about them everyday and want to RAISE MONEY AND AWARENESS to help them. We want to spread the word to ADOPT, not shop, as there are so many souls already out there who need to be rescued, even in PUREBRED shelters.

Rescued is our favorite breed

YOU CAN HELP! With our wonderful community of friends, TOGETHER WE CAN DO SO MUCH MORE and that is what this is all about.Homeless animals don’t care if you are a good bowler, a bad bowler, or no bowler at all!

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of homeless animals.

  • Online pledge drive begins May 1st
  • Fundraisers can win some AMAZING PRIZES!
  • Bowlers who also fundraise are eligible for even more prizes!
  • New:  Paw Print Campaign and other Fundraising Tips
  • Meal Tickets available for Bowling/Auction Party on Saturday, August 13, 2016 @7:00pm!

100% of the Proceeds benefits the Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter and the  Michigan Animal Adoption Network / Animal Care Network! We remain a voice for those who cannot help themselves.

Watch the short 10th Anniversary Event Recap:

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2018 B4AR Calendar Cover

2018 B4AR Calendar Cover shown



Over $250,000 raised so far!

2015: $56,500!
2014: $46,000!
2013: $40,000
2012: $26,500
2011: $22,000
2010: $17,700
2009: $15,000
2008: $12,000
2007: $10,700
2006: $6,500

100% of Proceeds helps Animals in Need!

Important Dates

May 1st – Official Registration/Pledge Drive Begins

Jun 1st – Monthly Prize Drawing (Raise $25+ in May)

Jun 4th – SAVE THE DATE! Fur Ball

Jul 1st – Monthly Prize Drawing (Raise $25+ in June)

Aug 1st – Monthly Prize Drawing (Raise $25+ in July)


Aug 30th – Pledge Drive Closes

Sep 1st – Monthly Prize Drawing (Raise $25+ in Aug)

Dearborn Family Pet Care Dr Cheryl Good
Lena Marie Creations
Metropolitan Process Service
Country Lanes-Farmington Hills
Advanced Animal Chiropractic
Lindsay Warren Consulting
Dr Tomei
Chaps Feed Store
Kristy M Smith DMC
Apac Paper & Packaging Corporation
Knello Printing

GI Surplus

GI Surplus

Pro Sports

Pro Sports

2016 MAAN Winter Food Drive

Aleta Sill’s Bowling World is an Official Drop Off Site to Accept Donations. The amazing volunteers of theMichigan Animal Adoption Network / Animal Care Network do street rescue on the weekend to feed many animals who desperately need our help. We remain a voice for those who cannot help themselves.

Flint Water Drive for Animals

January 25 – January 29 Aleta Sill’s Bowling World Pro Shop is a donation location for Michigan Animal Adoption Network water drive to help the animals in Flint, MI.  MAAN will deliver the water this weekend.