Congratulations, Aleta Sill: Inductee into the 2015 MI Sports Hall of Fame!

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Other inductees include Tom Izzo, Derek Jeter, Sergei Federov, Doug English. Click here.

The YBC Difference

Michelle Mullen

We put the PRO in Professional and the CUSTOM in CustomerTM

Learning is now easier and more fun with Your Bowling Coach!

Your Bowling Coach provides affordable, “easy to understand” coaching to bowlers of ALL AGE and SKILL LEVELS. Whether you are a beginner trying to develop your game, a bowler who wants to get into a league, an average league bowler aiming for the next level, or a high level player trying to gain the competitive edge,

Your Bowling Coach is here for you.

   Regardless of skill level, if you want to become a better bowler, we cannot wait to help you!   

Many bowlers who want to improve their game want to learn in a friendly atmosphere. With 26 years coaching experience, pro titles, outstanding testimonials, many successes and over 25,000 bowlers coached,

Your Bowling Coach is the bowling coach of choice.

We focus our expertise, attention and passion directly on each and every bowler we coach, using “state-of-the-art” technology to make it easy to learn.

SEE YOURSELF BOWL instantly, with “split screen” comparisons to models or “before and after shots” for INSTANT VISUAL FEEDBACK. Keep in mind, we keep it simple.

Your Bowling Coach just wants to take You to Your Next Level.

If equipment, or a better ball fit is what you need, we’ll let you know that, too!

Your Bowling Coach also provides clinics.

If you prefer to learn in a group setting, we provide small clinics to help you bowl better! 

We pride ourselves on providing a low Coach:Student ratio, so YOU get personal attention!

You can request a small group lesson or we can customize a clinic for your team or group.

We are Your Bowling Coach

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“Michelle’s first book was basic bowling fundamentals, but this edition of Bowling Fundamentals is for everyone from the novice to the advanced bowler who want to understand the game better and play it at the next level.” -Rick Gilmer Click here to read more “5-star” reviews!

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Hear Michelle talk about her new books on the “Let’s Go Bowling Radio Show”

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