9th Annual Bowling Event was a Huge Success!!!

9th_YBC_site_B4AR_banner_yr_wo_urlOFFICIAL 2014 TOTAL:  over $46,000!!!

100% of the Proceeds benefit:



Money raised:

2006: $6,500

2007: $10,700

2008: $12,000

2009: $15,000

2010: $17,700

2011: $22,000

2012: $26,500

2013: $40,000

2014: $46,000!

Over $195,000
raised so far!


What is Bowl-4-Animal Rescue?
Bowl-4-Animal Rescue is a 3 month pledge-driven event that culminates in a huge bowling event to support homeless animals in need in our community. And you do not have to bowl to participate in pledge drive or attend the bowling event! This event is for everyone!


Why do we host B4AR?

We host this event because WE ARE PASSIONATE about helping animals in need and strive to be a VOICE for them. The homeless animal problem in Michigan continues to be an epidemic; we want to continue to do everything we can to alleviate the problem to help the many animals who need us.

We think about them everyday and want to RAISE MONEY AND AWARENESS to help them. We want to spread the word to ADOPT, not shop, as there are so many souls already out there who need to be rescued, even in PUREBRED shelters.


You can help!

With our wonderful community of friends, TOGETHER WE CAN DO SO MUCH MORE and that is what this is all about.

Homeless animals don’t care if you are a good bowler, a bad bowler, or no bowler at all!

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of homeless animals.



Creative Fundraising Challange



Have fun and celebrate with us at the BOWLING event on Saturday, August 8, 2015 @7:00pm!
We have so much fun with Music, Karaoke, Food, Auctions, Raffles and much more!
Tickets sell out early to bowl, but you don’t have to bowl to come out and have a great time!
Stop by, have a drink and try to win amazing auction items & 50/50s!
Highest Fundraiser will be announced during event!

Check out 2014 event pics on Gridjungle

Check out 2013 event pics: Ed Serecky & Hour Magazine gallery

Full-House-2  Aleta Mic kissing Emma




However the need does not end

Aleta Sill’s Bowling World is a food drop off location to benefit the animals in care of the Michigan Animal Adoption Network/Animal Care Network. We are NOW accepting food and donations at our pro shop!

Aleta Sill’s Bowling World Remains Committed to Help the Many Animals in Need.

ASBW Pro shop is a food drop off location for the MAAN/Animal Care Network


The amazing volunteers of the

Michigan Animal Adoption Network/Animal Care Network

do street rescue on the weekend to feed many animals who desperately need our help.

We remain a voice for those who cannot help themselves.


Carl Paige Don Doggie Food Ken Scadden 2013 food drive
Thank you, Carl Keysor, Paige Keysor and Don Speck, all the way from St. Mary’s, OHIO! Thank you, Ken Scaddan for your $$$ to buy more bags of food!(all the way from CANADA!) Thanks to ALL in our wonderful community of friends who bring food/money into our pro shop to feed the animals in need!

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